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Midcoast Kayak Sea Kayaking on Muscongus Bay and the Damariscotta River Maine
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Midcoast Kayak - Tours Midcoast Kayak Tours on Muscongus Bay and Damariscotta River Maine
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Most of our tours take place on Muscongus Bay, unless otherwise noted, which is located in the heart of beautiful Midcoast Maine.  We launch from our touring facility at Muscongus Harbor, two miles north of Round Pond, just off of Maine Route 32. This quiet, family run harbor provides ample parking, and is easily accessible from Round Pond, New Harbor, Damariscotta, Bremen, and even Boothbay Harbor. We will also be offering Oyster Ecology Tours this summer if you are interested in a more in depth look at the ecology of oysters and wildlife on the Damariscotta River. And on Thursday afternoon we will be offering tours out of Coveside Restaurant in picturesque Christmas Cove. Our tours are led by Registered Maine Guides who know the area and will make sure you are safe as they point out the natural beauty of Midcoast Maine. With a variety of tours to choose from, we are sure you will find one you love. Call about custom tours with your group, and we always try to accomodate.

INTRO TOUR   $50      Kids $35    3 hours
Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Muscongus Bay as you kayak among the islands and wildlife of this "off the beaten track" coastal ecosystem.

EXPLORER TOUR $60       Kids $40    4 hrs
Our most popular tour! The explorer is a bit more adventurous than the intro tour. We will be paddling out to explore the islands of Muscongus Bay in search of seals, sea birds and fun. This trip will allow time for an island stop, a swim and a provided snack.

SUNSET TOUR $45       Kids $35    2 1/2 hrs
Relax into the sights and sounds of the bay as day sets into night. This is an amazing time to be out on the water.

CHRISTMAS COVE TOUR $65       Kids $40    4hrs
Launch from Coveside in Christmas Cove to take a magical trip through the Thread of Life with a stop on Little Thrumcap Island. This tour will run every Thursday from 2:00 to 6:00, a perfect time to enjoy a meal at the picturesque Coveside Restaurant.

FULL MOON TOUR $55    Kids $40     3 hrs
Paddle around Muscongus Bay and witness the rising full moon in the East and the setting sun in the West. This is an exceptionally amazing tour. Call the store for scheduled dates.

OYSTER ECOLOGY TOUR $50         Kids $35    3 hrs
Enjoy an afternoon on the Damariscotta river learning about the life history of oysters and the aquaculture that has helped the oyster return. In addition, we will take advantage of seal, seabird, eagle, and jellyfish sightings to learn about the ecology of the Damariscotta River, all while paddling among this unique ecosystem.

ADVENTURE TOUR $75      kids $50     6 hrs 6 hrs
Looking to do something new this year? Enjoy a trip to Damariscove Island, the Muscle Ridge Islands, or the Friendship Island chain. This tour requires a minimum group of three and a tasty lunch is included.

DAY ON THE BAY $110    8 hrs
Spend a day exploring the beautiful water and many islands of Muscongus Bay. See osprey, eagles, and seals basking in the sun. Relax on an island in the middle of the bay for a tasty lunch provided by Midcoast Kayak.

CAMPING TRIPS   $400 ($425/person for groups of 2)    Kids $255   3 days/2 nights
Muscongus Bay, scattered with small rugged islands, provides the perfect environment for our multi-day island explorations. We'll spend our days island-hopping throughout the bay, and our evenings camped out on a remote island with a panoramic view of the ocean. You'll see glimmering sunsets, hear the breathing of seals as they emerge from the waters near you, watch osprey hover and dive, learn to navigate the fog-shrouded rocky coast and see bioluminescent plankton light up the waters at night. All the kayaking gear will be provided, as well as experienced guides and delicious meals. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to observe the abundant wildlife in the bay and to advance your kayaking skills with the help of your guide. People with all levels of kayaking experience are welcome. Our guides will offer any needed instruction and ensure that safety is a top priority. 

If you have your own group and would like to request a trip, please call the store for scheduling information.

At Midcoast Kayak our mission is to provide fun, safe and challenging sea kayak opportunities for all skill levels. We Strive to provide professional experience in helping you rent or buy a kayak and gear, or book an appropriate tour. Our Registered Maine Guides are trained to help you have the best possible experience in Midcoast Maine.
Tel: 207-563-5732 Damariscotta

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